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World's most unique events

20 July - 13 August 2024

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Paris, France

6 days

from US$ 3415

September - October 2023

Tbilisoba Wine Fest & Highlights of the Caucasus




9-17 days

from US$ 5075

26 October - 6 November 2023

Pirates, Maya & Day of Dead Festival


12 days

from US$ 4045

22 November - 6 December 2023

Hornbill Festival, Tigers & Head-Hunters


15 days

from US$ 3700

Family trip

Santa & Christmas Dreams Tour


6 days


1 - 8 October 2023

Gerewol Festival: The Heart of Africa


8 days

from US$ 2999

17 - 29 March 2023

Novruz Bayram: the best of Turkmenistan


13 days

from US$ 3770

8 - 20 January 2023

Ouidah Voodoo Festival & Africa's ancient kingdoms




13 days

from US$ 3795

24 August - 7 September 2023

South Africa and Reed Dance

South Africa

eSwatini (Swaziland)

Signature Tour

15 days

from US$ 4400

13 - 25 January 2024

Timkat Festival, Blue Nile & Camelot


13 days

from US$ 3630

26 June - 13 July 2024

China, Mongolia & Naadam Festival



18 days

from US$ 7050

Cultural Events & Festivals Travel Packages

Celebrating the World

We're lucky to live in a world with so much to celebrate – and ways to join the festivities. At World of Discoveries, we believe in getting out of your comfort zone and exploring all four corners of our planet. Celebrate the world's cultural festivals with our bespoke tours. We've curated the best events worldwide with travel packages and tour options to suit every traveller.

Peer Gynt Festival

As one of Norway's' largest festivals, Peer Gynt is a celebration of all things Norwegian in the very best of ways.

Before it was a festival, Peer Gynt was a play, written and composed by two famous Norwegians, with a storyline steeped in moralistic messages and folklore. The first festival, almost 100 years ago, began as a celebration of the story of Peer Gynt.

Today, it is a spectacle of the very best aspects of Norwegian culture. The remarkable vistas of Norway's mountain and fjords set the scene for nine days of music, history, stories and spirit.

Rio Carnival

Come to the biggest party in the world in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A trip to Carnival is sure to be an unforgettable holiday, as the five-day celebration explodes in a festivity of colour and movement.

The city comes to a standstill during the Samba parade; breakaway parties fill the streets with a contagious enthusiasm for life.

Even more iconic to Carnival is the 'blocos', casual street parties hosted throughout the city, each with a unique neighbourhood vibe, ranging from a few hundred to thousands and thousands of partygoers.

Carnival can be a lot to get your head around, which is why we created escorted small group experiences. Don't worry about finding the best party or getting back to your hotel – our tour guides will organise everything.

Naadam Festival

Mongolia's historic Naadam Festival is a demonstration of Mongolia's past, untouched by the volume of tourists that crowd many cultural festivals today.

An annual midsummer event, Naadam showcases the development of Mongolian culture, from demonstrations of clan strength to military training, to celebrating of Mongolia's independence. See the main events – contestants showcasing their skills in archery, wrestling and horse riding – or enjoy the myriad of attractions that sideline the festival. 

There are colours, musicians, footstalls and art lining the borders of Naadam's main attractions, hosting the unique nature of Mongolian culture and earning Naadam a place on UNESCO's 'Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity' in 2010.

Make sure your Naadam vacation goes smoothly with the help of our bilingual tour guides, pre-arranged transportation, and premium seating at the festival.

Umhlanga, South Africa's Reed Dance Ceremony

Eswatini, previously known as Swaziland, hosts an annual event to usher girls into womanhood – as well as an opportunity for the king to choose his next wife. Girls in traditional apparel dance and present a reed to the King; the ceremony is a feast of colour and culture that you won't find anywhere else.

The traditional proceedings bring together tribes from regional locations, encouraging cohesion and unity. It's an experience unlike any other, which is why we crafted tours around the early-September event.

Bundle Your Vacation with An Unbelievable Festival

Trust us – you won't regret it. Festivals attract large crowds, which can create stressful experiences as a foreigner. Our expertly crafted small-group experiences guarantee that petty details won't be on your mind to distract from your holiday. Heard of a festival that you'd love to visit? Explore our website for travel packages you won't find anywhere else

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Jose Leonardo Ramos Mateos

Great experience in Qatar World Cup!!! Great service and support during our trip to Dubai and Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup!!! Helena for the first contact and reservations coordination was just perfect! Michael, Varya, Irena, Anastasia and all the support staff made a great Job and made us feel safe, happy and satisfied with the service and the tours we got. The full tour included welcome party, Desert dinner and show, tour in Dubai and a perfect logistics for travel between Dubai and Qatar. We had no problem with the FIFA hospitality tickets… Simply a perfect and unforgetable trip!!! We will for sure hire World of Discoveries services again soon!!

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My cousin and I attended the first Mexico soccer games of the 2018 World Cup and World of Discoveries was excellent. The lodging accommodations were great and centrally located. The personnel were wonderful. Thank you Tim for taking care of all our request. I was very surprised to received a message at 3 am informing me that our car was outside waiting to transfer us to the airport. That is the level of service that we received from World of Discoveries. Great company that made our trip even more memorable since it was absolutely hassle free.

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World Cup - Qatar Prior to our trip to the World Cup to Qatar, we were given helpful advice to plan the trip with staff of World of Discoveries (Wofdi). The Trip was very organized with good ground support and did not have any problems. The Wofdi was always just a "what app" away which was comforting and helpful Aubrey and Marilyn DeSouza

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The World of Discoveries team made organising a complex holiday to the Qatar World Cup a breeze. My initial contact, Michael, managed to bring the cost of the holiday in line with my budget where other travel agents told me or would be impossible. On the ground we had a great experience on the desert tour and generally had a ball. Thank you

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Great experience and organisation by the team at World of Discoveries - communication was great all the way through the trip

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Excellent service with friendly staff. Great organised and information detailed. We appreciate your service and help for this World Cup trip to Dubai and Qatar. We had a very awesome experience and a good time. We will continue to travel with you to the next World Cup. keep in touch. All the best to all of you.