Mongolia & China Tour Packages 2023-2024

June - September 2023

The Hall Of Eastern Fog


15 days

from US$ 6910

May - September 2023

Kharakhorin and South Gobi


7 days


May - September 2023

Nomadic Escape


7 days

from US$ 2655

May - September 2023

Mongolian Highlights


8 days

from US$ 2345

26 June - 13 July 2024

China, Mongolia & Naadam Festival



18 days

from US$ 7050


2024 Is the Perfect Time to Visit Mongolia & China

If you've thought about exploring the history, wilderness, culture and cuisine of China and Mongolia, there's no better time than now. Our all-inclusive deals for these destinations have been crafted by experts, to deliver you a spirited adventure like no other.

Two Experiences in One

We're offering a variety of escorted tours incorporating the highlights of both nations. Choose to combine the two for the ultimate Asian experience or coincide your tour with a cultural festival like Chinese New Year or Mongolia's Naadam Festival.

Discover Mongolia

Mongolia is a unique destination with delights for the whole family. Our guides offer the ultimate escorted Mongolian experience, across its must-see sights. With travel from Australia a simple flight away, now is the perfect time to start planning your 2023 holiday to Mongolia.

The coldest capital in the world and the hub of Mongolia's nomadic existence, Ulaanbaatar is a sprawling development where old and new collide. Enjoy an escorted tour of the city; in Ulaanbaatar, maps are near worthless and street signs non-existent, so our guides are sure to sweeten your holiday.

Hustai National Park gives insight into the traditional life of a Mongolian nomad. Enjoy hiking the rural area, and spot wild Mongolian horse roaming the grasslands.

The terrain of Khan Nature Reserve features a balance of arid mountains and lush greenery. The beauty of the Reserve makes it the perfect location to stop and appreciate the two extreme natural environments Mongolia is known for. Explore the Uvgun monastery, discover temple ruins, and ride a camel through the dunes.

Explore China

Visiting China from Australia has never been easier or more exciting. As one of the fastest evolving nations in the world, China of 2023 won't be around for long. The modernisation of China has not reached many rural areas, meaning that many villages are operating as they have for decades. As the world's oldest continuing civilisation, China is a trove of historical wonders and intercultural influences. Be sure to explore the buzz that's driving China's boom in cities like Beijing and Shanghai; the pace of the big cities is dazzling.

If you're looking for an awe-inspiring, reality-defying landscape, this is it. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. An impressive array of soaring fingers of moss-covered peaks, and forested valleys, wrapped in mist and splendour.

The Bund divides Shanghai with a slice between old and new. Stand on its shores, and marvel at the collision of ancient China, and the nation's 21st-century development. Enjoy a full-day escorted tour to discover this mysterious city.

As Beijing makes leaps towards the future, you can't help but take a minute to roam its squares and hutongs. All packages to Beijing feature guided tours. Visit the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall – and be sure to stop for some of Beijing's delicious cuisines.

Secure Your Mongolia and China Vacation Today

With limited spots available for these up and coming tourism destinations, you'll want to secure a spot on our 2023 tours to China and Mongolia pretty soon. Trust us – it's worth the anticipation!