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The Silk Road: Get on The Beaten Track

The movement of people, commodities, culture – and, yes, silk – along the Silk Road is one of the oldest connections between East and West. The interest in fabrics, spices and animals from far off lands held an intrigue that quickly made the Silk Road an essential intercultural connection of its time.

Building a Global Economy

The Silk Road a network of pathways that criss-cross Central Asia; from China, through the Middle East, to Italy and onward to Europe. As trade routes picked up during the Middle Ages, the paths became more frequently travelled. The increased traffic attracted local merchants, markets, and inns to the Silk Road path; in turn, creating settlements.

Even more important than the physical landscape that the Silk Road created were the cultures, customs, and languages that it helped fortify. Civilizations began to meet, and interactions with other languages developed, ushering in an opportunity for the separate civilisations of the world to meet through the global economy. 

Today, many of these sites and cultures prevail, paving the way of the Silk Road, and outlining the path once followed by merchants and explorers.

Travel the Silk Road

The Silk Road is no longer used to transport goods, but its path is home to rich tales and beguiling treasures unlike anywhere else. If you're looking for a travel destination steeped in culture and history, but don't want to battle against throngs of tourists, come and explore the Silk Road with us.

The luxury of the Silk Road is discovering just how undiscovered it remains. Despite being a staple contributor to the development of modern civilisation, you can enjoy the marvels of this ancient treasure reasonably unencumbered.

Explore the Silk Road with World of Discoveries and enjoy the freedom to approach every day of your holiday with ease and relaxation. No need to worry about hotels or transportation. No need to search out English-speaking guided tours. Using our agency allows you to discover, roam, and explore to your heart's content.

To further luxuriate in your vacation, enjoy a choice of three- or four-star accommodation on all of our tours. No need to worry about a restless night sleep or unreliable hotel booking.

Explore the Heart of Central Asia

The beauty of Central Asia and the Silk Road lies in the untouched wonder. Its deeply rooted connection to history lives and breathes in the ornate mosques, bustling cities, golden landscapes and colourful bazaars on every corner.

Browse our pre-planned itineraries and tours, each hosting the best that the Silk Road has to offer.

  • Khiva, Uzbekistan: an ancient desert city that was once a barbaric, tribe-ruled Silk Road stop. Now, it's an aptly preserved historical glory.
  • Bukhara, Uzbekistan: a must-see on any Silk Road holiday, get lost in the old town, and explore mosques from the 9th century.
  • Samarkand, Uzbekistan: the very heart of the Silk Road, with architectural masterpieces like Ulug Bek Madrasah and the Bibi-Khanym Mosque.
  • Tbilisi, Georgia: A modern, cosmopolitan hub in the Caucasus, Georgia's capital was once a vital point of connection between the East and West.
  • Hustai National Park, Mongolia: gain insight into the traditional life of a Mongolian nomad, enjoy hiking the rural area, and spot wild Mongolian horse roaming the mountains.

Plan Your 2020 Silk Road Itinerary

Small-group and private packages on offer enable you to customise your ideal Silk Road holiday.  Find your perfect Silk Road experience and get ready for a trip, unlike any other.