UEFA Euro 2020 Postponed to 2021 it will still be known as UEFA EURO 2020

Our reviews

Victoria Peck


Thank you to Varya and her team for organising our trip to Russia for World Cup (June 2018). Before the trip, Alex was our main contact. He was very responsive to all our needs and developed a bespoke itinerary for us. Our trip took almost 2 months of planning, thank you Alex for being so patient. During the trip, Varya had a team of dedicated consultants, working 24 hours a day to ensure we were where we needed to be and safe. What was particularly impressive was that every transfer was taken care of and her team rang the drivers to confirm we had been picked up. Thank you Discovery Russia for making our trip to Russia an unforgettable and amazing holiday.

Dave Kendall


Just travelled to Russia for the World Cup. Discovery Russia was the most organised and professional travel agency I have ever used. Everything was well organised by Discovery Russia from hotels, tours to transportation. Highly recommend anyone travelling to Russia to book through Discovery Russia!!

Chris Balogh


Discovery Russia has made my World Cup dream a reality and also provided a spectecular tour of Kazan, Samara & Sochi along the way! The team who made it happen were fantastic, organised, attentive and even fulfilled requests like having window seats on all 3 of my domestic flights not to mention the smooth transportations to and from airports.

Steve Giannoress


Traveled to Russia for the world Cup 2018 with Angelo. Alex and myself with Discovery Russia. They were exceptional in every way, I want to thank Varya , Alex Tati and there team for there support and service during our trip there in Russia. I highly recommend anyone that wants to travel with Discovery to Russia or Balkans to use the great service of the above people, contact Varya to book you in now. Thanks again guys, well done and we all look forward to catching up again in the near future.

Alison Dannish


We just returned from the World Cup in Russia where we followed Team Iran. This involved travel to three different stadiums many miles apart. Thank goodness we booked through Discovery Russia. They arranged our lodging and transport. They even set us up with local English speaking guides to take us to see the interesting and historical sights of this beautiful land. We had a blast. We met new friends, ate great food, drank great vodka and cheered our team on. It was a trip of a lifetime. Thanks to Varya, Tim, Ury, Ruslan, Daria, Alex and the others who helped us to enjoy this part of the world.

Chris McCabe


Varya and the Discovery Russia staff were amazing. Any pre trip trepidation was quickly dissolved by how safe we felt through our travels. We saw the sights and partied hard with not even a hint of any trouble. The Russian people were so eager to help and make our trip memorable. The language barrier was over come with their willingness to make us feel safe. Thanks Russia memories for ever

William Watt


What a trip ... the World Cup, five cities, amazing camaraderie, and great tour leadership against the background of one of the globe’s most amazing countries ... Russia. My World Cup tour with Discovery Russia was one of the great experiences of my travel life. The Discovery Russia team provided a wonderful platform with an itinerary both practical and flexible. The local tours in each of the venue cities - Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Sochi and St Petersburg were informative and,importantly, fun. Considering the accommodation pressures created by the huge influx of Cup tourists, the hotels selected by Discovery Russia were more than adequate. Special mention goes to the Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky In St Petersburg. The tour leadership provided by the company was both expert and considerate. Importantly each traveller’s individual enjoyment and safety appeared to be the paramount consideration. This World Cup holiday was meant to be a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for me but I am now planning for the next Cup. Bring on 2022 in Qatar!

RobynChris Haynes


We travelled to Russia for the FIFA World Cup in 2018 to follow the Australian Socceroos with Discovery Russia. We had the most fantastic time in an amazing country visiting 5 cities and attending all 3 Socceroos pool games. All travel, accomodation,sightseeing and pre and post game entertainment was organised expertly by the team at Discovery Russia, all travel was coordinated extremely well including airport transfers to and from hotels. Not knowing what to expect in Russia we were pleased with the standard of our accomodation, the locations were excellent and the standard of hotel was great.The great team from Discovery Russia looked after our every need and are to be congratulated for their level of commitment to ensuring our Russian experience was the very best. Thank you all.

Linh Taylor


We had such a wonderful time traveling with Discovery Russia. We were there for the World Cup in addition to touring. The company did an amazing job at communicating before, during and after. We felt very safe and taken care of our entire stay. We would highly recommend the company.

Gabriel Carvajal


My cousin and I attended the first Mexico soccer games of the 2018 World Cup and Discovery Russia was excellent. The lodging accommodations were great and centrally located. The personnel were wonderful. Thank you Tim for taking care of all our request. I was very surprised to received a message at 3 am informing me that our car was outside waiting to transfer us to the airport. That is the level of service that we received from Discovery Russia. Great company that made our trip even more memorable since it was absolutely hassle free.

Rami Selim

Egypt / Australia

Thanks you Abby and Varvara and all the other staff members of World of Discoveries for making our stay in Russia over 2 and a half weeks easy, comfortable and memorable. Thanks for the great organisation with transfers and accommodation. Thanks also for organising a phone sim card for each one in our group. It made our life much easier to stay in touch with each other and with our family and friends back home. We loved our stay in Russia and will certainly come back soon.

Jacinta Ami


Highly recommend!! Well organised, friendly and knowledgeable staff who go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience! If you ever intend on visiting Russia, definately try this company!

Santiago Angulo


We joined the Colombian Team tour during the Russia World Cup. The package was extremely well planned, we got to enjoy 5 cities, museums & attractions, and specially we were able to follow our team during the classifying phase. The World of Discoveries coordinator, Phillip, was excellent, he answered all our inquiries, helped us resolving any issues with the tour and with any other parties, and he was committed to help us have a great time. I will recommend World of Discoveries to anyone looking to visit remote countries, not just from the tourist point of view, but from the authentic local culture!!!

Alison Danesh

Iran / USA

We just returned from the World Cup in Russia where we followed Team Iran. This involved travel to three different stadiums many miles apart. Thank goodness we booked through World of Discoveries (Discovery Russia branch)! They arranged our lodging and transport. They even set us up with local English speaking guides to take us to see the interesting and historical sights of this beautiful land. We had a blast. We met new friends, ate great food, drank great vodka and cheered our team on. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Francisco Caycedo


Travelled to Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 with a family of 4 including (2 boys: 4 and 12 y/o) . What an amazing experience it was! Super well organized, transfers were always on time, hotels were good, we couldn’t ask for a more responsible tour guide, Phillip was awesome and in care of every little detail to make us feel like at home, would recommend the company with no hesitation at all!

Gordon Ketelbey


Discovery Russia put an excellent tour together. All well organised with lots of side events all unplanned but the focus was on fun. Pity Australia can’t score goals but the party made up for it.

Andrew Wiefler


I decided to use the Discovery Russia Tour Service of the World Cup after some extensive research into the tour alternatives.
Discovery Russia seemed to differentiate its tour Service by providing a more culturally based service with a healthy dose of Football and Fun.
My experience was that it as well run ie they delivered on their promises. They have a health mix of local staff and Australian staff. The Russian staff had a great empathy for the challenges for us Aussies traveling in a country where you had no language skills they bridged that gap with there wonderful help.
I know there are many alternative tours but Discovery Russia certainly lived up to its name. I felt I discovered part of Russia but there’s plenty more to go!
Overall just a great experience.

UEFA Euro 2020 Travel Packages

Europe's Top Talent in the Tournament of Legends

As the governing body for 55 European national soccer teams, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has an important job. On top of keeping the peace in the European soccer community, they host a quadrennial tournament: the UEFA European Football Championship.

And boy, is it epic.

If You Want to Visit a European Football Championship– Make it Euro 2021

UEFA's European Football Championship is no new phenomenon. Starting in 1960, the UEFA Championship has continued to get bigger and better, with 55 national teams eligible to vie for a spot as one of the 24 finalists.

Typically, the European Championship is hosted by a single nation. But that's not going to be the case in 2021.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the tournament, Euro '21 is set to be the sporting event of the year.

What makes it the unmissable Euro Cup? The tournament will host some of the world's best soccer players, prove a celebration of European football camaraderie and give viewers a chance to experience the very best of Europe – right across Europe.

UEFA's Euro 2020 Championship is being hosted not by one, but 12 beautiful cities across the continent.

Get ready for a once in a lifetime European experience.

Our Deals Mean That You Get Nothing but The Best – Without the Cost

When you're on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is getting from A to B on time, hassle-free – especially when you're getting to UEFA soccer matches.

That's why we've planned the perfect packages to make your UEFA Euro trip 100% cheering and 0% stress.

We have arranged our small-group tours as unique segments.  Come and go from Championship locations as you please, and only pay for the destinations that you want. View each destination as a building block to your ultimate European experience; get amongst the very best of the soccer atmosphere, then relax and take breaks from the crowds with a few days in Europe's cultural hubs.

Bundle the games of your favourite team with your must-see European attractions for the ultimate UEFA experience.

Your Favourite Destinations, One Dream Vacation

With 12 European cities hosting matches throughout the tournament, it can be tough to choose which destinations to prioritize. Pick one; or pick them all!

  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Enjoy matches in Parken Stadium, visit dreamy Tivoli Gardens, and discover the true meaning of hygge.
  • Rome, Italy: Stadio Olimpico will host three matches during the tournament. It won't be challenging to fill in the hours between soccer games; Rome offers a tantalising mix of ancient spectacles and modern charisma.
  • London, United Kingdom: the iconic Wembley stadium will host the UEFA 20 finals and semi-finals. Be sure to visit Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the Tate Modern to see how innovation in one of the world's most popular destinations is combining the old and new in a refreshing way. 
  • Budapest, Hungary: Christen the brand new Puskás Aréna, and indulge your appreciation of the dramatic. Explore both sides of the Danube; Buda and Pest, for a delve into a heady combination of history, beauty, and unrivalled nightlife.

Be Quick - Tickets Won't Last

The UEFA '21 Championship is not an experience that you want to miss. You can't just tell yourself you'll go next time; we guarantee the UEFA won't be putting on another soccer event like this any time soon. Browse our website and pick your top destinations, and chat with us about making your dream a reality.