The Naadam Eastbound




World-famous Trans Mongolian train journey

Join the most eventful tour along the world-famous Trans Mongolian Railway route. During the travel, you will see the most beautiful cultural sights of St. Petersburg and Moscow, discover central Russia, Lake Baikal and Siberia, attend the most fascinating national festival of Mongolia - Naadam, and spend several unforgettable days in the Mongolian unique natural parks. It is a unique chance to experience Mongolian culture at its best!


Day 1: Arrival in St. Petersburg, Russia

Arrival in St. Petersburg. Meet & greet at the airport. Transfer to your hotel and check-in. The evening is free at leisure. Group tours enjoy welcome dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Discover St. Petersbrug

After breakfast, take a full-day sightseeing tour in St. Petersburg. Today, you visit one of the most important sites in Russian history, the world-famous Palace of the Hermitage, the former residence of the Royal Family. The Hermitage today is the second-largest art museum in the world; its collection includes over 2.7 mln items. Then, take a tour to see the city’s iconic landmark: Isaac Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress and cathedral. Visit the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood — one of the most powerful constructions in Russian Orthodox Christian architecture, an absolutely enthralling must-see. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: The Peterhof Palace tour

After breakfast, take a tour to the royal Peterhof Palace. Gardens and Parks are spread over more than four hundred hectares and include thirty-one amazing museums and beautiful Versailles-style gardens. Interiors, as always in Russia, are all made of gold. In summer, the Peterhof is especially good thanks to its famous fountains which run naturally. We shall visit the Grand Palace - the golden must-see! - and have a tour around the estate. In the evening, enjoy the boat cruise. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: St. Petersburg - Moscow

After breakfast, take a transfer to the railway station and board high-speed bullet train for 4 hours journey to Moscow. Meet & Greet at Moscow railway station and transfer to your hotel in downtown. The evening is free at leisure. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: Discover Moscow

A tour to Russia is not complete without a tour to Moscow, the heart of Russia and one of the oldest cities in the country. It is a city of bright contrasts where quiet patriarchal courts and small streets adjoin to futuristic business centres, and old neighbourhoods are interspersed with modern high-rises. After breakfast, take a full-day sightseeing tour in Moscow including the Moscow Kremlin (all the highlights including the Armory), the Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Saint Basil's Cathedral, GUM, the Bolshoi Theatre, KGB Headquarters & other attractions of the downtown, Novodevichy Convent, Sparrow Hills (Lenin Hills), and Arbat street. During the tour, you also take a ride by the famous Moscow metro. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6: Art & History in Moscow

After breakfast, take a full-day tour. During the tour, you will visit the State Tretyakov Gallery. Then you will be transferred to Moscow Palace of the Romanov Boyars. The family country estate of Romanov Boyars (15th-17thcenturies) was restored in the 19th century by order of Alexander I, which happened to be the first scientific restoration undertaken in Moscow. The Museum exhibits authentic historical items, including 16th- and 17th-century weapons, books, engravings, writing implements, chests and other objects. Today you will also see Kolomenskoe Estate. It is a former royal estate situated several kilometres to the southeast of the city centre of Moscow. Kolomenskoye Park hosts an impressive set of different constructions and historical objects. In the evening, take a transfer to the train station to board the train to Kazan. Overnight on board.

Day 7: Discover Kazan

Early morning arrival in Kazan. Meet & greet at the train station. Then take a transfer to the hotel. Guaranteed early check-in. After breakfast, take a full-day tour to UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kremlin of Kazan and other local sights: Kul Sharif Mosque, Syumbike tower, Chak-Chak museum. Visit the old Tatar village. In the evening, enjoy a master cooking class of Tatar dishes at a traditional restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Kazan city tour - Yekaterinburg

After breakfast and check-out of the hotel, take a short Kazan city tour. Then you will be transferred to the train station to board the train to Yekaterinburg. Overnight on board.

Day 9: Arrival in Yekaterinburg

Arrival in Yekaterinburg. Meet and greet at the train station. Transfer to the hotel and check-in. The evening is free at leisure. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 10: Discover Yekaterinburg

After breakfast, take a full-day city tour. More than 600 monuments of history and culture are located in the city, and 43 of them are considered to be top national monuments because of their special significance! During the tour, you will visit Ganina Yama Monastery, Museum of Minerals, Cathedral on the Blood, place where the last Romanov Tsar was killed after the Revolution, open-air military museum Verhkny Pyzhma, and Europe-Asia Border. The border of Europe and Asia is one of the must-visit sights in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. The monument was erected in 2004 and represents two intertwined letters A and E. There you can happily put one foot in Europe and other in Asia and take some unique photographs. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 11: Nevyansk & Kunara

After breakfast, take a tour to Nevyansk and Kunara. Nevyansk was founded in 1700 due to the construction of a foundry and iron factory. Although it was not granted town status until 1919, it became highly important for the well-being of the Demidov family, which extracted gold from the local foothills. In the 18th century, Nevyansk was settled primarily by Old Believers, who commissioned from local artisans some glimmering, stylish icons which may be regarded as the last phase in the history of Russian icon-painting. As for the Demidovs, they commissioned the 60-meter (200 ft) high Leaning Tower of Nevyansk, which was erected sometime between 1725 and 1740 and remains the town's principal landmark and claim to fame. During the tour, you will also take part in a pottery master-class. Then you will be transferred to the train station to board the train to Krasnoyarsk. Overnight on board.

Day 12: On board

You will spend the day on board.

Day 13: Discover Siberia

Having arrived at Krasnoyarsk in the morning, you will be met at the train station and transferred to your cosy hotel in downtown for guaranteed early check-in. Allow some time to refresh, get ready for a guided city tour in the afternoon, visiting the most significant local highlights. These are the chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, Communal Bridge and the Krasnoyarsk dam (Hydroelectric Power Station). Ranked 15th in the top 20 largest power producing facilities in the world, Krasnoyarsk DAM at Yenisey River has the channel upstream at 243 meters above the sea level and the channel downstream 141,7 – 152,5 meters above the sea level. The reservoir is 400 km long, 15 km wide and 100 m deep. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 14: Discover Krasnoyarsk

After breakfast, take a short Krasnoyarsk city tour. Then you will be transferred to the train station to board the train to Irkutsk. Overnight on board.

Day 15: Lake Baikal tour

Arrival in Irkutsk. Transfer to Listvyanka village located near Lake Baikal. Stop for lunch and try local Buryat cuisine. Upon arrival in Listvyanka, visit Baikal Museum of Limnology and Shaman Rock. Then, take a tour to Chersky Stone observation point and the cable car. This day you can take part in optional activities like Russian banya or Lake Baikal boat cruise. Check-in at the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 16: Taltsy & Irkutsk

Breakfast and check-out. Transfer to Irkutsk. En route, we shall visit Taltsy Museum. The open-air museum Taltsy is located 20 kilometres away from Listvyanka. The exposition features wooden buildings brought from all over Siberia. Right now, 40 landmarked buildings and 8000 artefacts dated by XVII-XIX centuries are presented as part of the exhibition. Russian lunch in Taltsy with tea and honey degustation. Arrival in Irkutsk. Guided tour in Irkutsk: St. Epiphany Cathedral, Kirov Square. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 17: Train to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

After breakfast and check out of the hotel, take a transfer to the train station to board the train to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Overnight on board.

Day 18: NAADAM festival, Pt. I

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel, check-in and breakfast. Today is the opening day of the Naadam Festival. We will drive to the central stadium of Ulaanbaatar to see the delightful opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival. The Festival starts with a transferring ceremony of the nine white banners from the government house to the Naadam stadium followed by a horse parade. At 11 am, the magnificent opening ceremony takes place. Today we will see wrestling followed by anklebone shooting and archery competitions, which will be held just outside of the main stadium. After lunch at Naadam Stadium (traditional Naadam Khuushuur: fried dumplings followed by test famous Airag), we will drive to Khui Doloo Khudag to attend horse racing. In the evening, we will come back to your hotel. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 19: NAADAM festival, Pt. II

Today is the second day of the Naadam Festival. Enjoy the show of traditional Mongolian activities and celebrate the most important national event. In the evening, we will come back to your hotel. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 20: Hugnu Khan Mt. National Park

After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel at 9 am. Drive to Hugnu Khan National Park. Hugnu Khan National Park is a picturesque area of the Rocky Mountains, semi-desert, Gobi sand dunes and steppes all in one location represents three different natural zones. There is ideal for hiking, wildlife observation, and photography. After lunch, take a short drive to Uvgun Monastery in the national park through the semi-desert and the interesting Rocky Mountains in beautiful Mountain View. In the late afternoon, visit a local nomadic family and meet nomads, explore their nomadic lifestyle which has not changed for centuries. Overnight at the Ger camp.

Day 21: Karakorum

After breakfast, short drive to Elsen tasarkhai magnificent sand dunes. Elsen tasarkhai magnificent sand dunes are surrounded by hills with willow trees, streams and bushes, appear as a small desert in the centre of the country. The sand dunes are the perfect place for camel riding. We will discover this magnificent place on camelback. Continue driving to Karakorum and Erdenezuu Monastery. After lunch, visiting the museum of Karakorum and the symbolic ruins of the ancient city of the Mongol Empire, which was the largest contiguous empire in World history. Visit the magnificent and the oldest Buddhist Monastery complex of Erdene Zuu, built in the 16th century, with 108 stupas. Here you can see interesting listen to monk chanting Buddhist sutras. After exploring the monastery, driving to Ugii Lake. Stay overnight at the tourist Ger camp near the lake.

Day 22: Hustai National Park

After breakfast at 8 am, drive back to Ulaanbaatar. On the way, visit Hustai National Park. Hustai National Park is a home to the Mongolian wild horse known as Przewalski horse (takhi) with a unique landscape that features mountain and steppe. After lunch, visit a small Information centre about the wild horse Takhi. A short drive to see for wild horse Takhi. Then you will be transferred to Ulaanbaatar. Arrival in the hotel at 6 pm. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 23: Departure for Beijing

After breakfast, take a transfer to the train station to board the train to Beijing. This is the final leg of your 7261 km train ride!

Day 24: Discover Beijing

We've reached the final destination of our journey, welcome to Beijing! Transfer to your hotel and free time. Optional post-tours on request are available. Group departures will enjoy the farewell dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.

Day 25: Departure

After breakfast, meet the driver and take a transfer to the airport.

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National Naadam

The biggest festival (National Naadam) is held in the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar, during the National Holiday, in the National Sports Stadium. It begins with an elaborate introduction ceremony featuring dancers, athletes, horse riders, and musicians. After the ceremony, the competitions begin. The competitions are mainly horseback riding. Naadam is also celebrated in different regions of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in July and August. In the Tuva Republic, Naadam is on 15 August.

Three games

Naadam is a traditional festival in Mongolia. The games are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and archery, and are held throughout the country during midsummer. Women have started participating in the archery and girls in the horse-racing games, but not in Mongolian wrestling.


Mongolian traditional wrestling is an untimed competition in which wrestlers lose if they touch the ground with any part of their body other than their feet or hands. When picking pairs, the wrestler with the greatest fame has the privilege to choose his opponent. Wrestlers wear two-piece costumes consisting of a tight shoulder vest (zodog) and shorts (shuudag). Only men are allowed to participate.

Horse racing

Unlike Western horse racing, which consists of short sprints generally not much longer than 2 km, Mongolian horse racing as featured in Naadam is a cross-country event, with races 15–30 km long. The length of each race is determined by age class. For example, two-year-old horses race for ten miles and seven-year-olds for seventeen miles. Up to 1000 horses from any part of Mongolia can be chosen to participate. Racehorses are fed a special diet. Children from 5 to 13 are chosen as jockeys and train in the months preceding the races. While jockeys are an important component, the main purpose of the races is to test the skill of the horses.


In archery competition, both men and women may participate. It is played by teams of ten. Each archer is given four arrows; the team must hit 33 "surs".Men shoot their arrows from 75 meters away while women shoot theirs from 65 meters away. Traditionally the archers wear their national clothing (Deel) during the competition. All the archers wear leather bracers up to the elbow on their outstretched arm, so that the deel’s cuff does not interfere with shooting.

Cultural Heritage

In 2010, Naadam was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

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Citizens of the UK should apply for a visa only personally (63 GBP for a visa, issued in 20 days). Сitizens of New Zealand can apply for a visa by mail (120 $ NZ for a visa, issued in 10 days). Citizens of Australia can apply for a visa through Visa Application Service Centers (120 AUD, issued in 4-10 days). Citizens of the USA and Canada can apply for visa personally or through Visa Application Service Centers (160 USD for the USA citizens and 112 CAD for the citizens of Canada).


Citizens of the UK should apply for a visa personally through an authorized company (40 GBP for a standard visa, issued in 5 days). Сitizens of New Zealand should apply for a visa only by mail (160 $ NZ for a standard visa, issued in 2-5 days). Citizens of Australia can apply for a visa by mail (230 AUD, issued in 4-5 days). Citizens of the USA and Canada can travel to Mongolia without a visa in case a travel period is less than 90 days.


Citizens of the UK should apply for a visa personally (85 GBP for a visa, issued in 4 days). Сitizens of New Zealand can apply for a visa by mail (140 $ for a visa, issued in 5 days). Citizens of Australia should apply for a visa through Chinese Visa Application Service Centers (109,5 $ AUD, issued in 4-5 days). Citizens of the USA and Canada should apply for visa personally (140 USD for the USA citizens and 100 USD for the citizens of Canada).






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Centrally located hand-picked hotels

3 nights St. Petersburg // 2 nights Moscow // 1 night Kazan // 2 nights Yekaterinburg //1 night Krasnoyarsk // 1 night Listvyanka village at Lake Baikal shores // 1 night Irkutsk // 3 nights Ulaanbaatar // 1 night Beijing

2 nights in Ger Camp (Mongolia National Parks)

7 nights on board


Full breakfast in the hotels (except Day 1)

Full board in Mongolia

Buryat lunch at Lake Baikal

Russian lunch in Taltsy with tea and honey degustation

Tatar cooking master-class with lunch in Kazan

Group tour: welcome dinner and farewell dinner

Guided tours

Dedicated local English-speaking guide in all places as per program

St. Petersburg full day (8 hours) guided tour: the Winter Palace and the Hermitage, Isaac Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Peter & Paul Fortress and Cathedral

St Petersburg day (6 hours) guided tour: the Royal Palace of Peterhof, boat cruise

Pushkin/Tsarskoe Selo day (6 hours) guided tour: Catherine’s palace & Amber room

Moscow full day (8 hours) guided tour: the Moscow Kremlin, the Armory, the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral (outside), Moscow metro tour, Novodevichy convent & Sparrow Hills

Moscow full day (8 hours) guided tour: the Tretyakov State Art Gallery, Moscow Palace of the Romanov Boyars, Kolomenskoe Estate

Kazan full day (8 hours) guided tour: the Kul Sharif Mosque, the Kazan Kremlin, Chak-chak museum // Kazan half day (4 hours) guided city tour

Yekaterinburg full day (8 hours) guided tour: Church of All Saints, Museum of minerals, the Ipatiev House, Europe-Asia border, Pyzhma military museum

Nevyansk and Kunara tours // Pottery master-class

Krasnoyarsk full day (8 hours) guided tour: Yenisei river boat cruise (Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk hydropower station, Stolby national reserve) // Krasnoyarsk half day (4 hours) city tour

Irkutsk full day (8 hours) guided tour: Taltsy Open Air Siberian Museum with Matryoshka painting master class and interactive program Tea in Russia & Great Tea Way with tea degustation, Irkutsk historical downtown, St. Epiphany Cathedral, Kirov Square

Mongolia tour: Hugnu Khan Mt. National park // Elsen tasarkhai sand dunes // Karakorum // Ugii Lake // Hustai National Park


Bullet train St. Petersburg to Moscow, standard class, 4 hours ride. Please inquire about 1st class upgrade or flight options

Train tickets of the chosen category according to the itinerary

Meet & greet at every location

Return airport/train station transfers

Transportation on tours as per program in a comfortable a/c car/minivan/bus

Full metro/public transport passes in Moscow & St. Petersburg


The group tour is fully escorted by a bilingual tour director

Russian local sim card with data

Entrance tickets

Naadam Festival seats

Entrance tickets to all listed attractions

Chinese, Mongolian and Russian visa letters of invitation (required by the Embassies to grant you the visa) are provided free of charge

Not Included

Travel insurance

Visa fees

International flights

Meals not mentioned

Optional tours and activities

Personal expenditures


The Moscow Kremlin - all the highlights including the Armory

Naadam festival - nomad culture at its best

Real Gear Camp Experience

Amazing Hustai National Park

Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world

Ancient Erdene Zuu Monastery


Our reviews

Francisco Caycedo


Travelled to Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 with a family of 4 including (2 boys: 4 and 12 y/o) . What an amazing experience it was! Super well organized, transfers were always on time, hotels were good, we couldn’t ask for a more responsible tour guide, Phillip was awesome and in care of every little detail to make us feel like at home, would recommend the company with no hesitation at all!

Alison Danesh

Iran / USA

We just returned from the World Cup in Russia where we followed Team Iran. This involved travel to three different stadiums many miles apart. Thank goodness we booked through World of Discoveries (Discovery Russia branch)! They arranged our lodging and transport. They even set us up with local English speaking guides to take us to see the interesting and historical sights of this beautiful land. We had a blast. We met new friends, ate great food, drank great vodka and cheered our team on. It was a trip of a lifetime.

J. Stone

New Zealand

Xmas in Georgia and Armenia. We wanted a personalized custom vacation to a rarely visited area of the world and found World of Discoveries tour of Armenia and Georgia fit just perfectly. Very well organized and planned, and guides were awesome. Our tour guides in both countries were packed with knowledge of architecture and cultural history, but above all they were friendly and helpful. Rafik in Armenia even took us to his parent’s home in the centre of Yerevan and we enjoyed home-made meals and talks with the locals. It was a very special evening. Be prepared for some long journeys to reach the most exciting destinations in both countries.

Coco Bermudez


I was extremely satisfied with my trip. Everyone at the agency have been courteous and helpful from the very beginning, trying to organize our 17 day World Cup experience. The guides and drivers are very professional and friendly, and the accommodations were simply superb. I highly recommend World of Discoveries as I know they will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

Chris Balogh


These guys has made my World Cup dream a reality and also provided a spectecular tour of Kazan, Samara & Sochi along the way! The team who made it happen were fantastic, organised, attentive and even fulfilled requests like having window seats on all 3 of my domestic flights not to mention the smooth transportations to and from airports. If you ever want to visit FIFA World Cup, “World of Dsicoveries” is the best way to go!!!!

Michael Morcos


The team at World of Discoveries were awesome. Didn’t put a foot wrong at all, the tours great, the people even better. Alex who followed us around everywhere was fantastic and the organisation by Varya was exceptional. Everything was made easy and extremely helpful 24/7, I don’t think they slept the whole time. Thank you, my dad and myself loved it

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